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Jeff Brooks, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia personal family, wedding, engagement, and vacation photographer

Based in Washington DC and Wanderlust Photographer in New York City


The man behind the lens wants to be “Your Personal Photographer” 

Photographer Jeff Brooks

The most interesting fact of learning about me is to know that I’m living in my purpose and passion doing what I love as a photographer. My passion for photography started many years ago as a teenager admiring my dad taking photos and family functions. Although he was a pro or made his living from it, he just marveled as th e”family photographer” like a pro and I took a liking to this. I started buying cameras and I latched on to it as my hobby shooting family events, and street photography in Washington DC.  I’m a self taught photorapher, that bought every book I could lay my hands on, along with YouTube, online classes, and attending workshops. But, the best part of developing into a good photographer is to just shoot shoot shoot and then shoot some more. It’s the best way of learning. In 5 years I got burned out from the routine of shooting “perfect lighting scenarios” with strobes for portraits was not my thing as a creative. So I closed my studio to learn more of photography outside the studio walls of shooting weddings, events, public relations, and photojournalism. And today, I am well round to have the may experiences of varied photography assignments.

The President of the United States has a personal photographer, now you can too! 

Todays’ modern day families are growing in size and has a unique need of conveniency and personal photography. Todays’ fast paced businesses, having a direct need of producing social media content and product shoots for marketing. Social Media Bloggers and Influencers recognizes there’s not enough time in the day producing content while growing their followers. Celebrities pay raises continues to skyrocket while the need of great publicity is the constant for publir relations photos. Understanding this is what I pride myself on learning from my years of experiences to allow me to produce a unique service to client personally.