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Family & Business Portraits, Environmental, Life Style, Editorial, Street Style

 Commission hire starts around $200.00 

Today’s much need of business photos, and social media content has now gotten easier and convenient by having your very on Personal Photographer! Public relation, stock photo photography, office editorials along with corporate reports.

The list of considered photography assigments for businesses are too many to list, but I’ll start with business portraits. Every business owner needs a media kit, and in that kit should be a professional head shot. First impressions is everything with how you present yourself to potential clients. Another consideration is editorials for public relation which should reflect a business well for positive publicity. Stock photos, and business editorials is a must for online marketing, and social media content.

Read this article of  5 Reasons Every Business Needs Professional Photos and please contact us with your considered needs.

DC Maryland Virginia Business portraits by Personal Photographer Jeff Brooks

Washington D.C. real estate agent Lorielle Akintunde business photo editorials